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Do you want to easily improve your Instagram profile without any hassle? Would you like more engagement on your posts? Getting exposure isn't cheap, and proficient Instagram users know how to invest intelligently to ensure their posts are shown to a massive audience.

Our special 180 free Instagram views packages are suitable for both average and advanced users. With our special 180 free Instagram views SMM services, you can get your posts out there to a large audience! From there, things will take care of themselves, as you and your posts start to grow organically.

In fact, we offer free Instagram likes, followers, comments and views! We're FreezLike, a trusted and reliable SMM service committed to helping you succeed on Instagram.

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As you probably already know, Instagram is a big player in the social media world. It is the best place to share photos and videos, and it's also a great platform to connect individuals with brands.

Anyone can use Instagram and get big, from small and humble start-ups, to a world-renowned and well-established businesses.

Instagram was released for iOS in 2010. In 2012, it launched on Android, followed by a web interface later that year. It was soon acquired by Facebook.

It is now one of the most popular places to share photos and videos, with over a billion registered users. It's a great place to share creative content, and build a strong following.

It is incredibly rare nowadays to find a popular brand that doesn't have an Instagram account. It's a great marketing tool, and it shouldn't go to waste. With the right help and guidance, you can use Instagram to its fullest potential and rapidly grow your business.

However, keeping these accounts active and posting quality content regularly can be an uphill struggle. There's a lot to juggle, between interacting with customers, making engaging stories and crafting perfect posts with an unforgettable captions.

This is why we recommend using FreezLike to lighten your load! We'll take care of the numbers for you, and you can spend more time making content that you and your followers love.


Free Instagram Likes

Upon your request, we will provide you with free Instagram likes! We give you up to 1000 free likes, and you can reorder the 180 free Instagram views SMM trial package, as many times as you please as long as it's below a thousand. We know that you're wary about giving out personal details, so all we need to deliver the likes is your Instagram username.

We're the fastest and most secure service in the business. As soon as you request the 180 free Instagram views package, you'll see your posts gathering new likes within 5 to 60 minutes, depending on your position in the queue. 500 likes can really put you ahead of your Instagram competition.


Free Instagram Followers

Creating a popular Instagram page is no easy feat. Most users have to put week and months of effort and time before reaching their follower goals. But there's an easier way - FreezLike!

We provide you with free Instagram followers to increase your exposure and social presence. High follower counts are extremely desirable for people and brands looking to market themselves. It increases your visibility all over the platform, and makes it more likely that your posts will appear on the Explore feed.

When someone new visits your page and sees a large number of followers, they are more likely to check out your posts, because they can see that plenty of people already like you.

Using our 180 free Instagram views trial also saves you from spending years building up a beautiful portfolio before Instagram users finally take notice. You will be acknowledged for your brilliant work far faster when you use our services.

However, don't only rely solely on free Instagram followers to get you Instafamous. You still need to be making great and engaging content that attracts new people to your page.

100 free followers will really help you get the ball rolling, and your journey to success will be a lot smoother. As your following starts to slowly grow organically, you'll remain motivated to create the best work you possibly can to continue this upward trend.


Free Instagram Views

While Instagram is famous for its use as a primarily image-based site, videos are available on Instagram in the form of a normal video, IGTV, or Instagram Reels as well. Videos are actually one of the best marketing tools you can use. The creation of a high-quality video that can grab a user's attention isn't easy, but the results make it worth it.

If you want your videos to be more popular or even go viral, you should consider getting free Instagram views.

We have years and years of experience in providing high quality 180 free Instagram views boosting services. We assure you that the accounts we use are 100% real, and Instagram will see them as real engagement.

When you combine our free Instagram views with a fantastic video, you'll have no trouble getting all the views that you want. Instagram Reels, IGTV, normal videos and stories - we do it all!

Users are able to easily send friends something they like, or post it to their story. If you manage to really entertain or inspire a few people, they will share your video far and wide.

Your account will also get tons of exposure in the process! As people see your viral video, they are very likely to click on your profile and see what else you have to offer. If you maintain a steady stream of great content, you will easily earn followers and thousands of organic views.

We will get you your views superfast, and all you have to do is specify which video you want to receive them for. We recommend choosing one of your best videos, so that when it gets the boost it needs to get onto the Explore page, it will continue to thrive organically.

Order 180 free Instagram views today and watch your account grow and grow!


Free Instagram Comments

Instagram comments are the most valuable currency on the site. For a user to leave a comment, they have to have had really strong feelings about the image or video. This signals to the Instagram algorithm that people are having real and intense reactions to your posts, which is a great thing.

Instagram is now more likely to promote your posts and page as a whole. Comments are the best form of engagement, because your audience is literally talking to you. It makes your page look lively and your community a thriving one. 100 free comments will undoubtedly make any one of your posts look even better than it already is.

Our special free Instagram comments package allows you to write your own custom Instagram comments, decorated with fun emojis. We deliver 180 free Instagram views to your posts immediately after you place your order.

If you have any questions, our support team is here to help! We have a detailed FAQ section that should cover everything you need, but you are always welcome to contact us directly. We always answer as soon as we possibly can, and you can reach us on email 24/7.


Why Instagram Is So Popular

While Instagram started off as a site for friends to share cool photos with one another, it has now evolved into the perfect place to promote a business. There are millions of active users that use the site daily that will snap up any new and great content they see.

With Instagram's easy sharing tools, it's common to go viral as users send posts into huge groups, share it on their stories, and tag friends in the comments. This is what makes it such a great social media platform for your brand.


The Best SMM Service For Instagram

With so many sites offering SMM services, you might be confused about the best one for you and your business. Here are a few reasons why you should use FreezLike:

• FreezLike is popular and is a trusted supplier of likes, followers, comments and views. We've got years of experience under our belt, and we want to help you succeed.

• FreezLike provides likes, followers, comments, and views for absolutely free.

• No need to complete surveys or log in.

• No limits for free Instagram likes, free Instagram followers, free Instagram views and free Instagram comments.

• Instant. Get your numbers up within the hour!

We're running a giveaway right now for up to 2000 free likes and 2000 free followers! Check it out and see what you can win.


Remember To Set Your Profile To Public!

To enjoy all these 180 free Instagram views trial packages, your Instagram account has to be made public. If it's private, go into settings and turn it off. Don't worry though, you can set it back to private once delivery has been completed. The boosted numbers will remain.


Why Should You Try Our Free Instagram Likes?

Having a large following is important if you want to get a lot of exposure and become really well-known. When your posts get a lot of likes, it helps to promote your content even further. With our free Instagram likes, you can decide whether you want the likes to be added to a specific picture, or split across between a few. 100 free Instagram likes go a long way.

Planning and strategizing are the foundations of a successful social media career, and you can incorporate our free likes into part of your plan. You can prepare a post and get it completely ready for publishing, and a few minutes later use our 180 free Instagram views service to get you those initial likes to start off a chain reaction!

To get your message spread as far and wide as possible, you should be aiming to get as many likes as you can. Using our instant 180 free Instagram views service is a great way to do this, and will help you stand out more. It makes your profile look attractive to new visitors, and it's likely that they will follow you.

Credibility and trustworthiness are all important when dealing with businesses online. What could be more trustworthy than having hordes of people already happily interacting with your company?

Good word will spread, and you will start gaining organic followers in no time. Make sure you continue to post great and helpful content that your audience would actually want to see. These two things will make the perfect storm that will blast you to Instagram stardom, in a fraction of the time it usually takes!

Organic traffic is still your main goal when using our services. We want to help you get to the stage where you no longer need to use free likes or followers, because you already have such an enthusiastic fan base. They will share your content with friends and family, and your posts will start to be recommended to others in the Explore page.

Over time, this will help increase sales and promote your business. Say you're a musician. Before this, your videos weren't getting a lot of reactions. After using our service, you start to generate hype for yourself, and plenty of new musicians come and check out your music.

They stream your songs and buy your merch, while giving you feedback about your latest hits. It will help you improve, and people find new music that they really enjoy. Everybody wins.

Without the help of FreezLike, you might have drowned in the vastness of Instagram and everything else it has to offer. We give you the tools you need to stand out and beat the competition! We're even offering a generous giveaway where you can win up to 2000 free Instagram likes or even 2000 free followers.

If you already have a great portfolio of work on your profile, why not give everything a little push by using our 180 free Instagram views trial packages?

Media promotion and marketing yourself on Instagram has never been easy, and that's why we're here to help you. It's an easy chasm to get lost in, but we will be the light that helps guide you to where you really want to go.

Here are a few things you're guaranteed, just by using our 180 free Instagram views service:

• Fast delivery

• No additional fees

• 24/7 support team available

• And of course, free Instagram likes!

The possibilities on Instagram are endless, and with our help you can unlock a whole new world. Start your instant 180 free Instagram views trial today, and see results immediately.

Audiences are always hungry for a fresh face and new content, and you might have just what they're looking for. Get out there, use our free Instagram likes and show everyone what they've been missing!


Why You Need Free Instagram Views On Your Videos

A viral video always does well, on Instagram or on YouTube. Videos sometimes convey things that are impossible to do so in images, and they stick in audience's minds differently. Spend time making a perfect video that the world wants to see and we'll help you get it out there.

The profiles we use are 100% real, so your views will be high quality.

When Instagram sees that a video is doing well, they will show it to even more people and they will continue to share it in their stories and messaging groups.

You can choose to make a video as either a normal post, an Instagram Reel, or an IGTV video. You have to decide this for yourself, and see what's best for the video you have in mind.

An IGTV video has to be over one minute in length, and you have a progress bar at the bottom of the video to jump around. This makes it more convenient if users want to replay a certain moment, or pause and take a screenshot. Instagram has also been eager to compete with YouTube, so IGTV videos have a prime spot on the Explore page. If your first few seconds are interesting enough to grab a user's eye as they scroll, your IGTV video will be a sure hit.

However, if your video is below a minute, you'll have to post it as a normal post. This works well if the video is short and has good replay quality, since it will automatically loop. However, if the video contains important information, you'll have to put it in the description in case someone misses it and doesn't want to replay the entire video to catch a single shot.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what's best for your video.

You mustn't forget about Instagram's most underutilized weapon: stories. Stories are the first thing you see when you enter the app, and they're also sorted by Instagram's algorithm. Make a good one, use our free Instagram views package and Instagram will start to promote it.

These stories could be anything, but make sure it's relevant to your audience and interesting. Don't make it too long or short, just enough to satisfy them but leave them waiting for your next update. You can notify people that you've got a new post up, or show them what your everyday life is like.

A good story can make someone new click on your page and discover you for the first time, or remind an old follower to catch up on your posts. Use our free Instagram views to push you to the front of the stories row, and be the first thing someone sees when they open the app.

Remember to make your account public! you can turn it back to private after receiving the free views, but it has to be public for the 180 free Instagram views delivery to work.


How To Get Free Instagram Comments

FreezLike deliver genuine and free Instagram comments almost immediately. We care about our clients and have already helped thousands with our SMM expertise.

Just select your preferred package. Got your creative juices flowing, or want one particular part of the post to be mentioned? Use our free custom Instagram comments package. You can type whatever you like, and even choose cute emojis to match the mood. Hashtags work as well, but not tagging (@-ing) people. They'll be displayed by different Instagram accounts on your posts.

If you're not too concerned about all that and just want more interactions, use our free random Instagram comments package.

Type in your username, and you're all set. Sit back, and wait for your comments to appear. Don't even think about submitting something inappropriate with the custom comments feature. If you've written something containing profanity, violence, hate, or anything going against the Instagram community guidelines, it will be banned by our system. If you've submitted everything correctly, the comments should appear within the hour.

You can get up to 1000 free comments! Yes, even 100 free Instagram comments will help promote a page. Imagine what 1000 comments can do.

All of our free SMM services are safe, and we never ask for access to your account. All we need is your username and the post that you want the comments delivered to.

At FreezLike, we always make sure that all our social media marketing packages are fully compliant. You don't have to worry about the legal side of things. Everything is completely legit, and you won't be breaking any of Instagram's rules when you use the 180 free Instagram views trials.


Get More Organic Followers

When new people see how well your posts are doing, it makes them sit up and pay attention: who's this new guy, and what's he bringing to the table? It makes them interested in what you have to offer, since it's clear that so many people like it already. These instant 180 free Instagram views packages will help to start growing your audience organically. 100 free followers can help you on your way to internet fame. Check out our giveaway page to see what you can win! We offer up to 2000, yes, 2000 free Instagram followers.


Credibility Boost

A big following online always looks good, and sets your brand apart from others in your industry, that may be more old-fashioned. The new generation prefer to use brands with a strong online presence, because they feel that it is more trustworthy.

Instagram is a platform built for you to showcase your products and services! When customers want to get a good look at your products and see whether they want to buy them, which would be easier?

Visiting an old, laggy website, flicking through an outdated catalogue and searching through pages and pages to find your email to ask a simple question?

Or visiting your Instagram page, looking at your beautiful photos and informative captions, and shooting you a quick DM for a question they have? Consumers prefer purchasing from companies that know what they're doing online, and are doing it well. With these 180 free Instagram views packages, you will certainly make a stellar first impression.


Instant Exposure

Getting enough people to see your posts is a massive headache. It takes up precious time, when you could instead be responding to direct messages, helping out potential customers, or creating more great stuff. Doing it yourself is doing yourself a disservice! You deserve better.

That's why here at FreezLike, we handle the promotion for you. We make life easier, and free up your time for more important things.


Watch Your Instagram Page Grow

Having a lot of comments on a post always means that it is unique, and Instagram is definitely going to want to feature it on the Explore page. The Explore page is the main way that people get new content, and you'll get plenty of page visits after that.

Remember to select your best picture or video when using our 180 free Instagram views package, and you'll really spark up a conversation that'll propel your page.


Simplify The Verification Process

That little checkmark by the end of your name does wonders for your brand! Your ranking will be very high when someone looks up your niche, and that little tick always draws the eye. It's literally Instagram's seal of approval! Verified users always get more traffic to their pages than their unverified counterparts.

Anyone can submit their page to be verified, but Instagram needs to see that you're someone that qualifies. Part of that qualification is a great engagement rate and high numbers - that's where we come in! Use can boost things even further by entering our giveaway, where you can win up to 2000 free Instagram likes and followers.


Beat The Brands In Your Industry

In this digital age, people prefer to use brands that know how to navigate the web well. A clean website and a slick Instagram page will make you extremely attractive to someone considering buying your products and services.

If they're choosing between you and another company without an online presence, they will undoubtedly go for your brand. You showcase of everything you offer better, and your direct messages allow them to contact you quickly.

If your posts get lots of likes, it will convince them even further, as they can already see that tons of people love your stuff. 500 likes goes a long way on Instagram.

Additionally, since so many people love to just scroll through Instagram in their free time, they may accidentally stumble upon your page. It's unlikely that someone will find your website out of the blue, unless they were searching for it. But Instagram allows you to flick through everything it offers so easily that you could get quite a few new customers every month by people just coming across your page and loving what they see.


Boost Your Engagement Rate

High follower counts look great when you first click onto a page, but engagement rates are just as important. It's one thing to have people like you enough to click 'follow', but it takes something special to make them stick around and keep up with every single thing you're doing. When you get free likes and free comments, it makes your Instagram fan base seem like a thriving one. Use our free giveaway now to help increase your page's engagement!


Become An Affiliate

Affiliate deals and brand deals are the bread and butter of most social media influencers. They pay incredibly well, and you get to use tons of great products for free! However, big brands only want to work with pages that have a high follower count and fantastic engagement rates. Luckily, this is all possible with FreezLike. Our 180 free Instagram views packages will give you a great head start that blasts the other competition out of the water.


Get Paid For Shoutouts

When your story views are high, you can offer to do shoutouts on your story for a fee. Keep these to a minimum as they can be annoying to your fan base, but if you are selective about who you choose to promote, your audience may find someone else that they also love. You should only shout-out people in your niche that you truly believe your audience will like too.


Instant Delivery

All comments are delivered by our own in-house proprietary technology, so we can guarantee you fast 180 free Instagram views delivery. We've supplied thousands of happy customers with our premium free Instagram trials over the last couple of years. We take pride in enhancing the Instagram community with the best support that we can.


How To Promote Your Instagram

FreezLike can help get you to where you want to be by providing you with free Instagram comments, followers, likes and views, but you have to keep making great content to keep your audience from falling off and finding the next best thing. Below are some of our tips in order to keep your audience on the edge of their seats, waiting for you to release your next thing.

First of all, make sure your profile picture is something interesting and eye-catching. It should match your brand's overall aesthetics. If you're an influencer, your profile picture should be of your face, as you are a public figure. If you're a singer, your profile picture could be an album cover or a photo of you singing. If you're a gamer, your profile picture could be of an in-game character. Tailor it for yourself! The goal is to have people know exactly who you are from a single glance at your profile picture. Take care to not make the picture too busy, or it might look incomprehensible on a small phone screen.

If you're looking to be an online figure and become famous, your Instagram account should be set to public. People don't want to request to follow you if they have no idea what your portfolio looks like. You'll lose them from the get-go, as they won't even spare you a second thought. You need your work to be clearly displayed when someone clicks on you, so stay public!

Make sure your username and profile name are working for you. When someone looks you or your category up, you want to be the first result because that position gets you guaranteed clicks. Your username shouldn't have excessive numbers, unnecessary characters or extra letters. If your real name or stage name is already taken, try adding your industry behind it, or something else relevant to you. @johnsmith is already taken, but try out @johnsmithengineering, @johnsmithtravel and @johnsmithsings. Work out what the best username is for profile!

Your profile name should also be optimized. Try to mention your niche in it so that someone looking up "Musical Theatre Actor" may stumble across you. "John Smith - Musical Theatre Actor" is an easy way to incorporate this trick, without it seeming forced.

Many people get stumped on what to write as a bio as they stare at the blank text box, the cursor blinking impatiently at them. It doesn't have to be too hard, but a good bio is definitely important. People will scan through it and make an immediate judgement of you. Are you a positive, open person? Or more dark and sarcastic? What exactly do you do, and where can they find out more about you if they want? Your bio has to include personality, as well as a short "resume" of sorts.

Everyone's perfect bio will be unique to them, so it might take a while to craft yours. In the meantime, you can't go wrong with a quick job description, and a little quip or quote that your audience will resonate with. Your current bio doesn't have to be your final one - you will probably go through many before settling on the best one! Don't worry, just get started and inspiration should strike soon after.

Instagram doesn't allow for clickable links on any other part of the website, besides the "website" section of your profile (and stories, but we'll get to that later). Take advantage of this, and link something important there. It could be your website or YouTube channel, or your latest brand deal or video.

However, the human brain loves images, and Instagram is hands down the best social platform to post your images on. If you have an announcement, you would be better off making a poster or a video announcing it, rather than merely writing it in a caption or in your account bio.

Make sure your posts are all "fully optimized". You should tag relevant people and brands, for a chance of then reposting you on their story. You can tag anyone in the picture, and any brands or restaurants there too. If you have a lot of these and it's starting to look crowded, you can place them in a corner of the image to reduce clutter. You can tag up to 30 people, and these pictures generally appear in the "tagged" section of the aforementioned profiles. That means that someone lurking on those accounts may see your posts, and give it a quick like. It's an easy way to get more eyes on you.

Of course, geotag yourself. Location tags work like hashtags, and they work wonders if you're at a popular destination. People will often check out location tags to have a look at what a place has to offer, and they'll come across your picture! From there, it's easy to visit your entire account and see what else you have to offer. It takes 5 seconds to do, and the exposure is priceless.

Use hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags per picture, and it gets you easy exposure. If you don't want the hashtags to look too intrusive, you can put them at the end of your post, under a few blank lines. You can't use blank lines on Instagram, so just fill the space with a single period or dash per line in your notes app, and copy and paste to Instagram.

The key to using hashtags is finding the perfect balance. For example, #art has over hundreds of millions of posts, and your post will definitely get lost in the sheer number of content. Meanwhile, when you use hashtags with under a million posts, your post gets to stay on top of the recent tab much longer, getting you more exposure. We recommend the range be between 10k-500k posts per hashtag.

You'd benefit from using more specific hashtags, because you can be sure that anyone looking up the hashtag would be interested in your post. See, if someone searches #art, it's unlikely that they'd find your post in the first place but if they did, they might not like your art style. However, if you use the hashtag of your art style, most people looking up that hashtag will enjoy it and check out your profile for more. For example, #blackandwhitephotography and #botanicalphotography is better than just #photography.

You could also use variants! Obviously check the number of posts first, but you could easily do #blackandwhitephotography, #blacknwhitephotography, #photographyblackandwhite and more. Get creative! However, don't use up 15 of your hashtag spaces with different ways to talk about grayscale photos. We recommend writing all the relevant original hashtags first, and then filling up the remaining spaces with variants of those.

Write interesting captions that inspire discussion. A pretty post is one thing, but if you can combine that with a caption that makes you laugh, cry or think, you'll get twice the success.

Keep your content unique and high quality. Pick a niche you love, and the work won't feel like work at all. Others will be able to see your passion shining through everything you do, and it will be infectious. Seeing how much you care will make them want to care too.

Pay attention to new trends and be the first to get in on them. Time is of the essence here. The earlier you are, the fewer posts there are competing with yours. More eyes will be on you, and you will probably reach the "Top" section of the hashtag and stay there.

If you have two different areas of interest, we recommend creating two different accounts if you don't think your main audience is going to be interested in this other side of you. For example, if you're a fashion blogger who also enjoys political discourse, it might be better for you to split these interests into two accounts. The people who followed you for fashion may not be interested in politics, and may unfollow you or just lose interest in liking your posts, making you look bad to the algorithm. Keep your followers interested, and don't suddenly drive a huge chunk of them away. A segment of your original followers will probably follow you on your political account, and you may even again a whole new audience from it. Either way, don't risk alienating your main audience if you don't have to.

You get to utilize the Instagram Swipe Up feature when you hit 10k followers. This should be one of your main goals, as this feature is insanely valuable. You can link to something directly from your story, the second of only two ways you can link sites on Instagram as of today. Once you hit that number, immediately start making use of this!

Use the business tools that come along with Instagram when you switch to a business account. You can see where your likes are coming from, and all kinds of other useful analytics. Take a look at them and find out which of your posts do the best, and try making more of that content.

Try combining both paid and free services to get you the numbers that you want. Once you reach 50 posts and already have a modest number of organic followers, we recommend you start using our free Instagram likes and followers services. Again, you can get up to 1000 likes and 1000 followers without compromising any of your privacy!


Try Out Other Services At FreezLike

We truly want to give you the best service possible. Our delivery times are speedy, our contact team is available 24/7 and if needed, we'll be able to provide you with a custom SMM solution. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and reliability.

We also provide packages for other social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Check out the rest of our website to see what else we have to offer, and contact our team if you need any help!

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